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Use img tags with a custom width attribute. In the example you linked to, I've edited it to do just that. Check the revision history to see what I've done. <img src="" width="375"> iPhone 4–5s: 320 iPhone 6–6s: 375 iPhone 6+–6s+: 540 If you resize an image and re-upload it as a suggested edit, I'm likely to ‘reject ...


Late Note: This was broken for several months, but is now working again. I Like grg's method, & in fact use it myself quite a lot for quick edits to posts. There is another method, slightly more work, but this not only reduces the apparent size on screen, but also the actual image size - useful for if you're on the phone, etc. Assuming it's your own ...


Nothing fancy going on; this is Stack Exchange's 'native' image upload support. We have our 'private' channel on Imgur; that's why there's a stack in the URL. To actually show your image, you have to use image markdown like ![<image description for screen readers>][1]. This is automatically inserted when you use the Stack Exchange image uploader; from ...


Since we can't migrate this question to the main meta - please visit the main site and vote / comment on this request since it's unlikely it will get implemented for us until it gets implemented site wide. Automatically resize high-resolution screenshots


No. The stack exchange search is for text so you would need metadata embedded in to the image in the form of a where to URL showing the image link. That text would be easily searched for. I would recommend tin eye reverse image search or another search image meant to classify an image. Hopefully they have crawled and indexed either this site or https://...


I'm not aware of any way to edit images within the site. What you can do though: Download image to your computer Use the editing tool of your choice to reduze the image size Edit the original post and replace the image with your reduced-size version


I see a difference in Urls when I select them using F12 in Chrome. This is your chat URL and this is your current (at least for me visible) question URL The URL is the same, but the s = size if I'm correct and might have something to do with it. ...


There are many articles discussing image @2x css but one of the simplest I've seen is by This can be done with HTML4 and CSS2 using a media query and changing the CSS to call the high resolution image.

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