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How can we reduce the size of a image, while editing?

Late Note: This was broken for several months, but is now working again. I Like grg's method, & in fact use it myself quite a lot for quick edits to posts. There is another method, slightly more ...
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I uploaded an image, should it be hosted on

Nothing fancy going on; this is Stack Exchange's 'native' image upload support. We have our 'private' channel on Imgur; that's why there's a stack in the URL. To actually show your image, you have to ...
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Use text-align:center in inner HTML

See this answer on how to post images without losing the higher resolution of the original (some of your latest screenshots are hard to read). And take a look at Is it possible to horizontally center ...
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Is there any way to search for questions that have a certain image in them?

No. The stack exchange search is for text so you would need metadata embedded in to the image in the form of a where to URL showing the image link. That text would be easily searched for. I would ...
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