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The app hasn't been updated since a while; users have been complaining about this since the iPhone X came out in 2017: Stack Exchange app iPhone X optimization However, this issue won't be addressed, as the apps have been abandoned. Quoting a Stack Exchange developer: We are not providing any further support for the mobile apps. There will not be any ...


See Stack Exchange for iPhone is here!: What about feature […]? While the application currently has some awesome features, it doesn’t have everything. If you find something wrong or missing, please let us know. Use your fancy new app to post a question on Meta using the ios-app tag.


I don’t think stack exchange has a startup advice and service offering site, but the directory is here and each site has very detailed guidance about their intended scope and where things commonly are off scope. Other than sprinkling iOS and Testfligt in the question, it really wouldn’t be different if you ...

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