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Because - believe it or not - you still earn reputation on Meta; it is just not shown and the main site's reputation is shown instead. Each upvote on an answer counts as +10 towards these badges, and each upvote on a question as +5, just like they would do on the main site. If you track the Epic or Legendary badge in your (Meta) profile and click on the ...


I'm not sure how this would be possible. Apple owns .apple and I doubt they're going to give us a subdomain. Also, I'd presume the main site is more worthwhile for a .apple subdomain than just the meta site.


The code that detects and draws the linked section executes a bit after a post is submitted, so you may not see that field immediately upon posting a new question or submitting an edit to a question/answer. The posts you have indicated all have a linked section at present, so perhaps you had a cached copy of those pages or viewed them before the code to ...

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