We allow questions around jail breaking iOS. seems fairly hypocritical to not allow hackintosh questions in light of that. Both are of dubious legality. Why make the hard distinction? I say lose the sentence and leave the general terms of services to cover the legal aspects such as they might arise.


Quick answer I know, but my vote says no. Hackintosh specific questions are largely user/hardware/software specific. In my opinion, they won't add too much value to the site, they will just be clutter. While it is possible to answer such questions, they aren't going to add a whole lot of long-lasting value. On the flip side, we will also get huge questions ...


Another aspect to consider is whether accepting hackintosh questions helps improve the quality of Ask Different. Most of the questions I've seen so far fall into the category "I own XYZ. Haven't tried anything yet but do you think I can install OS X? Where should I start?". In general, answers are (necessarily) vague and usually link to other sites. They ...


A challenging question. There's the wish to be inclusive, and supportive towards all fair and reasonable uses of Apple software. I do wish those things, but for Ask Different I believe that the answer to bmike's question must be: no – please, let's maintain the extremely well-formed and predictable relationship between osx and Apple hardware. … ...


With the points mentioned here, I'm no longer inclined to edit things. The current discussion seems heavily in favor of keeping the wording as is.

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