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Please provide entire profile for Moderator candidates

Some of what you ask isn’t exposed to any end user whether you’re a new user or trusted user with 20k rep or an elected moderator. However, most of that data is already available from the periodic ...
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Visual bug on tabs covering badge tracker

Yes, people have been noticing this on all sites throughout the Stack Exchange network. There's a 'central' bug post on the Main Meta which has now been marked status-completed, meaning it should be ...
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4 votes

Why is there no Delete Profile link anymore?

You can only self-delete your profile if the profile has never voted and has posted at most once in the history of the account. If this is not true, the Delete Profile link will not be shown. To ...
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Please provide entire profile for Moderator candidates

The places to learn more about mod candidates are the Q&A here on Meta and the Election chat room where all the candidates answer questions thrown at them. Please keep in mind that the site is ...
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Why is my Meta profile showing 0 score when I have over 10?

The tags score only counts non-wiki answers. In your case, you asked 9 questions (not counted for tags score) and posted 2 answers (counted for tags score). As of current writing, your tags score ...
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Change user profile picture

Four simple steps... Click your 'Reputation', top right. Click 'Edit Profile & Settings Click 'Change picture' at the bottom of your existing avatar Upload a new picture or change Identicon Oops,...
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Only top scored, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible