All Apple products are on-topic here, but we also have a sister site in the network, Retrocomputing Stack Exchange, which specifically deals with questions about computer systems of yesteryear, including the Apple II.


Sure, all Apple products are on-topic.


https://superuser.com/ is probably the best place to ask Windows question on the SE sites.


For the users without sufficient reputation to see the exact wording of why why this was closed see below for the exact text: Questions must demonstrate a reasonable amount of research & understanding of the problem being solved. Please edit to either a) clearly describe your problem and the research done so far to solve it or b) include attempted ...


Very good question - the hiding of custom close reason seems like either a decision that should be reviewed or we should agitate for changing the threshold - I can see no reason why we shouldn’t let a user like you see precisely why the vote to close was cast. Since they are not widely visible, first the reasons chosen seem appropriate to me, so I won’t be ...


I have questions about which OS, added hardware using on a network. Plus questions about the rack mounted Macs as well as Airport Routers. But before I get into the nitty I wanted to make sure this is the appropriate place ? You've come to the right place. This site is an excellent site for vintage questions, especially since it's Apple specific. We have ...

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