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Thanks for bringing your question here to discuss. As I commented on your question (done after your screenshot above), it wasn't that I "wasn't very happy", it's that the answer you added and marked as correct didn't appear to answer your own question. Since your question was asked, you've been able to use Workflow/Shortcuts to set timers to make ...


Your post has received 2 upvotes and 1 downvote, for a total of 1 displayed beside the post. You receive +10 reputation for each upvote and -2 reputation for each downvote. The achievements dropdown shows reputation changes rather than vote changes, so the -2 shown in your screenshot refers to the decrement by 2 of your reputation for the one downvote ...


Sometimes, the correct answer is a simple 'no' with an explanation why it is what it is. Not all answer have to be, or need to be, complicated. In fact, providing someone a complicated workaround could actually make the situation worse. Your assumption that a simple answer means "I don't know how to do that" is a bit faulty. I'm not saying it's ...


That -2 is from just a single downvote; the two upvotes you got (giving +20 reputation) were given on earlier days and do not appear in your achievement inbox, which only lists the most recent changes. For more information, check the timeline of your answer and your reputation history.


After 3k, blatantly off-topic gets replaced with "Other" and one should explain how it is off-topic. I suggest you use magic links in the close reason so that after commenting, they lead to the right page. For e.g.: ... because this is off-topic as per [help/on-topic] Add data.SE style "magic links" to comments

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