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No - we don't really enforce NDA directly so that's generally not a good reason to flag anything. Also, as Daniel explained in a comment - the language itself is documented publicly in an iBook without any NDA required to learn the syntax. Similarly, all of Cocoa with the exception of pre-release API and changes are all available on http://developer.apple....


Closed questions can be put into the reopen queue by users requesting a reopen by clicking the "reopen" label beneath the question (requires >3000 reputation) users editing a closed question (e.g. to improve issues pointed out in comments, add some details etc.) moderators after question got flagged by a <3000 rep user The "reopen" queue works the same ...


The prescribed response is to flag it for closure for being about pre-release software and/or hardware. And you can point them to: Can I downgrade to Mavericks after installing Yosemite (beta/developer preview)?


Yes. The public beta for Yosemite has passed and it is now officially released. Ask away.

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