Nicola Peluchetti

I've 10 years of full stack development experience: 6 with important agencies ( 10up, Webscience, Politecnico ), 3 with a startup and 1 freelancing.

In the last year I worked on a huge migration from a static/PHP site to WordPress, on a React Native App ( yes, a social network, 2018), on a React search page backed by Elastic Search, on a WP REST api for a React Back End and more.

My main expertise is in the WordPress environment ( Woocommerce and WordPress VIP experience too ), but I also have production experience with React, React Native, Java, node.js, Elastic Search, Zend Framework, Drupal 8, SQL, Saas, Less, Backbone, Webpack, MQL4 and Grunt.

I'm a fast learner and prefer to work in places where you can code in multiple languages.

I'm looking for remote contract work in the US Eastern timezone.

I've been in the top 100 on StackOverflow twice: number 63 on the site in July 2011 and number 73 in March 2012 http://stackexchange.com/leagues/1/month/stackoverflow/2012-03-01/397861?sort=reputationchange#397861