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I'm a UX & Product Designer in San Francisco, have worked in this field for 20+ years. Prior to that I worked in Screenwriting in Los Angeles, as well as Advertising Design. I prefer earliest stage projects and challenges and prefer being completely hands-on vs just managing a team.

Love hikes & camping in gorgeous Bay Area, have travelled at various times over the years to places like Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam; also to Central Europe. Also enjoy doing photography and eclectic video essays.

I comment now and then on Youtube and have posted many videos over the years.

(February 2018) I confess that I have come to despise the very existence of Facebook and Twitter, and feel that though they provide some societal value, moreso they have disrupted in a negative way the prior trajectory of tech which was deeply rooted in problem solving and advancement of communication. Why Silicon Valley allowed all progress to be ripped up and repaved over by junk-tools that, by design, discourage real conversation instead favoring accumulation of likes and shares as measures of "influencers" in human society is beyond me. But it appears there is finally some movement in seeking better things from the brainpower of those in tech.

Oh. I guess I am very opinionated, but i love meeting and engaging people from all walks of life, and get inspired by the likes of Elon Musk and his myriad of projects.

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