Jason FB

Ruby / Javascript developer

Rails Coaching @ TheRailsCoach.com

React/Interactive/Data Viz @ Momeas.com

Tech Industry Thought Leadership @ blog.jasonfleetwoodboldt.com

twitter: @jaflebol
github: jasonfb

MAY 7, 2020: The WFHpocalpyse Part 2: Thoughts on On-Site Work

APR 5, 2020: How to Get Emojis in MySQL (fixing Incorrect String Value)

JAN 1, 2020: Universal Track Manager: A Gem to Track your Visitors

NOV 1, 2019: Announcing Nondestructive migrations for Rails 6!

AUG 12, 2019: Jason FB's 10 Magical Ruby Developer Tools

MAR 8, 2018: How to Be a Great Software Project Manager or Product Owner for Scrum

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