Dual US/UK national Linux & Network Engineer providing enterprise solutions since 2001. Before becoming an IT contractor, I served as an NYPD Transit Bureau Task Force Police Officer & Sgt. in US Army Special Forces. I'm UK based, but have worked as far afield as Northern Nigeria as a technologist.

Telegram Channels: "Penny-Farthing" & "F1Linux"

Hobbies: Penny-Farthing cycling, Off-Grid living, Chess, Scrabble, Golf

Opensource Projects I've Developed & Maintain:

  • "pi-ap": Automates config of a Pi 3B+/4 into a WiFi AP with almost zero user input.
  • "open-ipcamera": Automates config of a RPi into a streaming & motion detection camera w/ Dropbox cloud storage
  • "postfix-autoBlacklisting": Auto-prepends IPs of spammers found in maillog to /etc/postfix/access. Runs as a SystemD service from a SystemD timer.