Donald Duck

Please try Map Collector, an online game that I've created. If you have any suggestions for how I could make it better, there is a contact link in the footer.

Please don't use code formatting on random keywords. If you do, I suggest you read Should I use code blocks when mentioning framework names/technologies? and Inline Code Spans should not be used for emphasis, right?

If you have less than 2k reputation and are looking for a way to earn a lot of reputation fast, you might be interested in http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/674956/posts-with-links-to-images-posted-by-new-users (that query doesn't work on Stack Overflow due to there being too many posts, but there enough of those posts where the OP just left "enter image description here", so on Stack Overflow a search for "enter image description here" is enough).

If you ride public transit, please don't be Jimmy.

If you downvote me, please leave a comment explaining why unless someone else already did. If I do something wrong on the main site, it's probably because I did something wrong, so I would like to know what I did wrong so that I don't do it again. On Meta, it's not as important, but I would still like to know why you disagree.

Here are some Meta posts that I particularly agree with:

If you found my profile because of this meme, you can find a web archive of my profile page with that avatar here.

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