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Project/Product Manager and Programmer/Analysis with Masters Degree that can provide the exact level of support needed. From short term troubleshooting and development to large project custom programming to long term application/system analysis, development, training and maintenance

• 20+ years of MVDBS (UniData, Universe, D3, jBase, QM, mvBase, mvEnterprise, PI/Open, etc.) and "flat file" (SQLServer, mySQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc.) development and administration on Windows and linux/unix operating systems

• Product Manager for 8 web browser/web services integration tools

• 3+ years experience with iOS & Android integration

• Specializing in web site (HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP), web services (XML/JSON/SOAP) and other programming language/framework (.NET, OpenInsight, C/C++/C#, python, etc.) integration

• Extensive experience in higher education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and wholesale

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