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Tom Oakley
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I am a Software Developer, currently focussing on React Native development at TotallyMoney.

I have experience with many facets of JavaScript, including Node.js and ES6, frameworks including React (and Redux, Flow and Styled Components) and Angular (2+, TypeScript). I have used build systems including Webpack, Gulp and Grunt. I practice test-driven development and have used many testing frameworks including Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Jest (for React) and utilise test coverage reports produced by Instanbul/Karma. I also use functional JavaScript libraries including Ramda and Lodash.

In terms of front-end development, I also have extensive experience with CSS(3) and use Sass or PostCSS as a pre-processor to write my CSS code. I have extensive experience with HTML5.

I am extremely comfortable working with all manor of APIs for different services and I know the principles behind what makes a good ReSTful API and have also explored Facebook's GraphQL model for APIs. Git and version control is a natural part of my workflow and have used this for many years. I also know about PHP and WordPress development, having WP development for a number of years. I am confident using SQL and associated database types including Postgres and SQLite3, and also NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB and Key-Value stores such as Redis.

I have experience with DevOps and deployment including Continous Integration services such as Jenkins and Travis and am comfortable using Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean, and using Bash scripting on the command line.

Currently not open to new opportunities.

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